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Daredevil #21

Part 2 of Bob Gale's "Playing to the Camera" centers on the legal question of how do you how do you serve legal notice on a costumed super hero? Gale strays far from the usual muscles and tights fare and comes up with an engaging read.

Matt Murdock decides to represent the millionaire Griggs in his property damage lawsuit against Daredevil mostly to try and control the situation. As Daredevil he doesn't know where to start to discover who impersonated him that night at Griggs. As Matt he must deal with a client who wants to try the suit in the media and the legal problems inherent in such a bizarre case. Nelson and Murdock's new legal assistant has an ingenious plan to serve Daredevil by making it a public scene he cannot avoid and still appear to be a do-gooder. This fails due to the intervention of a crowd of Daredevil supporters.

The newly freed Jester publicly announces his intention to perform at a local bank. He proceeds to show up at a bank in the theater district and proceeds to ask the customers for donations in return for his acting. He brandishes weapons which turn out to be prank props. Daredevil chases him from the bank and when he finally gets the drop on him the Jester serves him with the legal documents.

Gale's use of the Jester in this fashion is very inventive. I never envisioned such a twist. He's also making Elaine, Matt's legal assistant, a strong and interesting character. Whether she'll become a fixture in Daredevil's world is debatable what with Bendis taking over the reins after Gale's arc. Bendis may want to be the one to introduce any new regular characters. Gale also provides an enjoyable one page trip portraying the reactions of some regulars in the DD world.

Phil Windslade's art is strong, including his handling of the first nine pages which are devoid of any spandex goings on. It is perhaps Gale and Winslades' biggest accomplishment here that an issue that revolves around legal maneuvering never seems dry or slow. Where it goes from here is anyone's guess but with stunts like the one he has the Jester pull here Gale has shown he probably has plenty of twists up his sleeve from here on.

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