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Daredevil #17

Part of the Bendis and Mack's "Wake Up" arc finds Ben Urich looking deeper into what caused Leap Frog's son, Timmy, to fall into a catatonic state. Urich visits with Timmy, in his dream like state as his alter ego, the Fury, a police detective, two of Timmy's schoolmates, and a teacher. Urich learns: the police never looked seriously into Leap Frog's disappearance, that Timmy's classmates thinks he's weird, that Timmy likes to write and draw, and from his teacher that Timmy is the victim of physical abuse. Urich returns to the hospital and discovers bruises on Timmy's back.

As in the first issue the focus is clearly on Ben Urich. Neither Daredevil nor Matt appear here at all. In fact it is implied that Matt is hiding. There's also the hint that somehow Daredevil is responsible for Timmy's condition and that he does not always make the right choices. Bendis, through Urich, begins to explore the inherent conflict in Matt Murdock's career as a lawyer and his exploits as a costumed vigilante.

While Mack's painting uses muted backgrounds and shaded sketches, Bendis' writing is in a more realistic mode than that usually found in comics. Urich's scene in the police locker room is particularly effective and reminiscence of his talk with J. Jonah Jameson last issue. His scenes with the boys in the school yard and Timmy's teacher also play well.

Mack's painting is good match for this story since it features little or no super hero exploits. When Timmy talks through the Fury or replays battles in his head regular pencils and inks are used. As in last issue that only happens in the first three pages. Mack's painting of Urich is particularly effective, conveying his character just as much as Bendis' writing. Notice how Urich is sketched and hardly ever fully painted or colored in when he's talking with the police detective, Timmy's classmates and his teacher.

The only potential problem here is that the story is a little too slow moving. Two issues in and we've hardly moved past the starting point. The revelation of Timmy's bruises is no big shock and really didn't need two issues of build up. This issue is still very well done and the pacing will only become a hindrance if things don't move any faster next issue.

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