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Daredevil #14

PLOT: Maya leaves Matt until she can resolve some 'family matters,' i.e. the killing of Daredevil. With the Kingpin presumed dead and unable to protect his henchmen and partners, Foggy Nelson, as special assistant district attorney, obtains conviction after conviction. Echo finally makes another move against Daredevil but is beaten when he, knowing she can't hear, lures her into a pitch dark building; in effect blinding her and allowing him to escape. This allows Echo to deduce that Daredevil relies upon sound not sight so she goes about turning the tables on him, devising a trap which will overload his hearing. Finally we are left with the re-emergence of Wilson Fisk in a sewer.

It was inevitable that the inexcusable lateness of these books would rob this marvelous arc of some of its power. This issue was so long in coming that I would advise reading at least issue 13 and probably 11 beforehand to refresh your memory and recapture the mood. Of course since Fisk played a prominent role in the recent Daredevil/Spider-Man mini-series we already know what happens to him before it is portrayed here. When next issue is released I recommend reading the Mack issues from the beginning to get the full effect the sporadic publishing schedule has diminished.

Even with the harm done by the delays we are still left with an excellent book. Due to his duties as Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, probably the chief culprit in the tardiness, needed David Ross to complete the artwork. He finishes what Quesada started in a seamless fashion. The difference is hardly noticeable which is high praise for Ross considering the astonishing artwork Quesada has done on this series. If you look hard enough you can see another's hand at work in the last half dozen or so pages.

After last issues focus on Foggy and Fisk Mack returns to the main attraction: Maya and Matt. Although as Daredevil, Matt now seems to have a handle on Echo's unique abilities he still is no closer to finding out why she is intent on killing Daredevil. Which, of course, means he has no clue of how to exonerate himself in her eyes. While the Black Widow makes another welcome appearance which allows Daredevil to: 1) discover a way to combat Echo and 2) give him a reason to avoid a final showdown; Mack doesn't allow her to serve just as a mere plot device. Natasha's appearance is a natural and organic part of this issue.

The idea of Echo devising a trap for Daredevil based on his eluding her by using her deafness against her is a fine twist, taking great advantage of the initial set up of contrasting and comparing Matt's blindness to Maya deafness. Of course the core of the matter is that Matt needs to do more than stop Echo from killing Daredevil. He is falling for Maya and can't have his alter ego seen as a villain in her eyes.

Even with problems seeping in due the book's chronic lateness Mack, Quesada and Ross have continue to deliver what is consistently the best Marvel has to offer.

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