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Daredevil #13

PLOT: Matt having escaped a bullet in the head from Maya recuperates while trying to figure out the whole Maya/Echo quandary. Kingpin is indicted for the murder of the twin in Matt's office and Foggy is appointed to the prosecution. His mother, Rosalind Sharpe defends Fisk. A hearing is held and we get small flash back into Fisk's early years. The surprise aftermath of the hearing leaves both Daredevil and Kingpin in dire straits.

Finally another chapter in the 'Parts of A Hole' saga. As with the previous issues in this arc everything about this book, from the writing to the artwork to the inking is dazzling. The scene were Matt goes to the video store in an attempt to discover if Echo is mimicking moves from action films is both hilarious and poignant. Actually Matt/Daredevil and Maya/Echo take a back seat here. Other elements move the story forward and are compelling in their own right. The issue centers on a hearing to see if Wilson Fisk can be tried for the murder of Lenny, his janitor's twin. Having Foggy appointed to the prosecution and his mother defending Fisk borders on being too contrived and the hearing itself borders on a movie-of-the-week courts are easily manipulated by criminals cliche. However Mack manages to keep it fresh by inserting a flashback to the development of Fisk's philosophy in his early days.

A at the climax Mack, in a neat little twist, uses Echo's deafness to worsen Daredevil's situation with her. Special thanks to whoever decided Larry's dialogue needed subtitles. Trying to figure out what he said was one of the few problems with earlier issues. So far Mack has done the impossible: followed the staggering Kevin Smith arc with an equally compelling, though less ambitious, arc of his own. Let's hope we don't have to wait another 4 to 6 months for the next part.

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