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Marvels Comics Daredevil #1

Beware the Daredevil #1: Sort of an Etrigan-ish twist on the Daredevil concept. While there's a few hokey bits in Isabella's script (mainly focusing on the adorable urchin sidekicks who I can't help but think were inspired by the original boomerang-throwing pre-Marvel Daredevil), it's generally pretty solid and does a good job of not only introducing a new take and a new threat, but also resolving the story well. Newell's art isn't as much to my liking, unfortunately. While I *really* like his painted "inking" as seen on Black Lightning, the line work here isn't as good. And Jason Wright's colors really bring out the worse aspects of it...everyone's face shines as if they were soaking in oil, and he doesn't seem to know what to do with art that actually has inking beyond simple outlines. Recommended, but Jason Wright should go back to practice for a few more months before being given another pro job. $2.25/$3.50Cn

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