Daredevil #81 (#461) Review
by Joseph Armstrong

I purchased the latest issue of Daredevil and did not leave the parking lot until I finished reading it. That is how much excitement and anticipation has been generated in me from this book. This storyline has been building and building for so long now. It's getting to the point that something or someone has got to give....

The opening scene in the court room sets the tone. There is a stillness in the courtroom that can only be the calm before the storm. Matt has had his head down the entire time.

"And how do you plead?" asks the judge.

Matt raises his head..... And it's time to turn the page!

With a simple turn of the page this title can go about 8 million different directions. The words of Han Solo from Star Wars echo in my head saying "I got a bad feeling about this".....

Foggy enters the plea. Very nervously enters the plea, but that isn't good enough for the judge. As Matt apologizes the world of Daredevil has officially been shattered.

I never thought I would have ever been pleading with a comic book character to cease what he was doing as I was reading the book. Matt, what in the hell is wrong with you? Now he can never be free. Things are bad now and can only get worse from here....

Great! He escaped. Now where the hell does he go? What does he do?

Wait a second, you mean to tell me he is going to spend the rest of his life in Paris? He goes from being the guardian devil of Hell's Kitchen to hiding out in Paris?

Update: things are now officially worse! Bullseye has posted a late one making the score 3-0! This is too much. Bullseye is gonna haunt Matt until one of them is dead, and even then my money is on Bullseye being a pain in the ass some more.

They has fought before, but this time Matt has nothing to lose. He has just lost woman #3 to Bullseye. Prior to that he fled a court room in the United States. What keeps this guy from going totally nuts?

Update: game over man! Matt just killed Bullseye!!!!!! He's got them crazy eyes now. I am afraid to turn the page because things just keep getting worse and worse. I cannot believe that he offed Bullseye. These two need each other in order to survive. In one quick instant, revenge fueled the actions of Matt Murdock. He has become the very thing he has sworn to fight his entire life. His transformation into a devil has become complete.

And so he runs again.... He is seeking the old "geographical cure". Addicts and alcoholics are famous for this. They think that by simply moving from one place to another, they can start over. Unfortunately, they forget one crucial piece of the puzzle: everywhere you go, there you are.

Elektra is trying to talk some sense into him. When Elektra becomes your therapist then your issues have officially become unsolveable. There isn't a 12 step program out there to help Matt. I have no clue where this book is going and that has me all the more interested in it.

"Mister Murdock, please..."

Now what?

Son of a bitch! That was brilliant! There is nothing like a well played swerve in a story. Plot twists like this are what makes storytellers legends. These guys are going out with a bang. I never saw it coming, and that is why Ilove this book. You never see it coming. Kind of ironic, isn't it?

Bendis + Maleev = tough act to follow.

Wait a second, this judge is a prick! No bail? And I know he did not just send him to Ryker's.... Looks like things are still going to get ugly.

Speaking of ugly, out walks Fisk....This is definitely not good as we are officially back to things getting worse.

Fisk + media = Matt is screwed.

Woa! Swerve #2: Fisk is under arrest again. Is there anyone else who the government is going to go after before this issue is complete? But at least Fisk is going to jail.....

Wait a second.... Let me take a wild guess where he is going to be sent.... We are really back to things getting worse if he is heading where I think he is heading: Ryker's.

The guys in Ryker's were put there by Matt. The guys he put there do not like him. Not good for Matt.

The guys in Ryker's aren't especially on good terms with Fisk. Not good for Fisk.

Now, Matt and Fisk and in the same prison? The place will never be the same. That is, if it doesn't get destroyed in the process......

With Daredevil #81 (#461) coming to an end along with the run of Bendis and Maleev I am left with several questions:

1. How does he get out of this one?

2. Is it even possible to get out of this one without changing things in the DD world for good?

3. How do Brubaker and Lark follow this up and just where do they intend on taking us?

4. Why can't we have more than one issue a month?

Until next time.....
Joseph Armstrong

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