Daredevil #10.1

Title :"Untitled"
Writer:Mark Waid/Fred Van Lente
Penciler:Khoi Pham/Marcos Martin
Inker:Khoi Pham/Marcos Martin
Cover:Marcos Martin
Colours:Javier Rodriguez
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna/Blambot's Nate Piekos
Editor:Stephen Wacker
Assistant Editor:Ellie Pyle
Date:June 2012
Cover Price:2.99


Agence Byzantine
Black Spectre
Matt Murdock
Miss Folendahl
Secret Empire

Daredevil #10

Daredevil #11

Fred Van Lente
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Khoi Pham
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Marcos Martin
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Mark Waid
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Issue Summary

DAREDEVIL #10.1 Preview

Matt visits the Queens County Meta-Holding Facility to meet with a client named Nolan. The Corrections Officers all joke that "Daredevil is here" while Matt does his best to keep up his charade. He is taken to Nolan's cell and is given 30 minutes. In the cell, Nolan, who goes by the name "Pyromania", claims he is innocent. Matt says he's not here about the arrest (after being put there by Daredevil), he's there because Nolan is also claiming cruel and unusual punishment. Nolan has been subjected to various temperatures and noise 24/7. Matt asks to hear the complete story. Nolan tests Matt first by making a tiny explosion of fire in front of Matt's face. Nolan seems to be convinced that Matt is blind.

Before Nolan recounts his story, he reveals that he was actually hired to come after Matt Murdock. While with a client, a fire breaks out. Matt changes into his DD costume, while everyone else escapes. Pyromania smashes his way through, but Daredevil fights with him. After a short battle, where DD is burned on his arm, he breaks a methane pipeline in the sewer, which causes an explosion and knocks Pyromania out.

In the jail cell, Nolan attacks Matt, where he reveals that he was hired by the Hellfire Club to get the Omegadrive.

Matt gets the better of Nolan, as the guards enter the cell to see Nolan injured. Matt says he didn't see a thing. All Nolan mutters is "He's not Daredevil". Matt tells the guards he'll be filing an appeal on Nolan's behalf because of the treatment he's been receiving.

Outside, Matt strategizes about what he has to do with the Omegadrive. He believes he's only left with one play.

At the Latverian Embassy, the 5 megacrime organizations (Hydra, Black Spectre, Agencè Byzantine, A.I.M. and Secret Empire) are still bickering over their next move. They are in a 5-way checkmate about what to do with Matt Murdock and the Omegadrive. Suddenly, a massive "THOOM" rocks the embassy. Daredevil appears and yells "Will you just make a plan already?" He was going to give them a few days to make their move on him. He's tired of waiting. Daredevil lets the group know that Black Spectre hired someone to help steal the drive (unsuccessfully, of course). The Black Spectre's operative's phone starts ringing. DD suggests he answer. DD relays the news that the Daily Bugle and everyone else he could think of has access to the Black Spectre information on the drive. All around the world, Black Spectre hideouts have been raided. DD warns the others... mess with him, their respective organizations are next. He leaves, telling them he wants them to all agree on their next move quickly. The Black Spectre operative is gunned down by the others.

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